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Our Polyurea protective coatings are of indestructible quality.
They are 100% waterproof, completely sealing the application surface. This ensures protection against wear, rust and corrosion.


Our Product

  • Bonds to virtually any surface; steel, cement, wood, fiberglass, polystyrene foam and more.

  • Tougher, more evenly consistent non-slip surface.

  • Custom contour fit.

  • Durable, impact absorbing.

  • Resistant to most chemicals.

  • Dampens sound and vibration.

  • Provides years of reliable surface coverage.

  • No air gaps, no drill holes, no bolts.

  • No lost cargo spaces.

  • Higher slip resistance, preventing load shifts.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • Scratch and dent resistant.

  • Fast application and drying.

  • Ready immediately to carry light loads and fit additional accessories.

  • Easy to clean.

  • High UV stability.

  • Thermal Stability.

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The versatility of Polyurea, means the application possibilities are limited only to your imagination.

  • Vehicles – Trays, Fitted Accessories (Bull bars, side steps, snorkel’s, sports bars, headboards, rear bars and wheel carriers, roof racks), Internal (Door panels, flooring, centre consoles, dash) Chassis, Panel and Full Body Coating

  • Trailers, Horse Floats, Livestock Trailers

  • Storage Bins

  • Furniture

  • Play Equipment

  • Flooring and Non-Slip Surfaces


We guarantee our product quality and workmanship in applying the tuff line coating and agree to repair any application found to de-bond, crack or otherwise compromise the protective objectives of the system.

Polyurea has a polymer chain technology providing 'Strength', without having to spray an excessive, thick and gluggy coating. It has a more evenly textured finish, for non-slip advantage over other liners.

It is sprayed on using high pressure, (2500+ PSI), hot (65⁰C) polyurea system utilizing the latest technology. When sprayed on at this temperature and pressure it allows the best adhesion results to the surface.

Achieving a neat, evenly sprayed finish. Therefore, the tailgate and manufacturers drain holes still operate properly.

We continually research our own material, guaranteeing consistent, reliable and up-to-date products, with the highest quality. Providing solutions in various high traffic/impact areas, including corrosion and abrasion problems found in numerous commercial and industrial situations.

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