Lifetime Warranty - We guarantee our product quality and workmanship in applying the Tuff Line Coating and agree to repair any application found to de-bond, crack or otherwise compromise the protective objectives of the system.

Polyurea has a polymer chain technology providing 'Strength', without having to spray an excessive, thick and gluggy coating. It has a more evenly textured finish, for non-slip advantage over other liners.

It is sprayed on using high pressure, (2500+ PSI), hot (65⁰C) polyurea system utilizing the latest technology. When sprayed on at this temperature and pressure it allows the best adhesion results to the surface.

Achieving a neat, evenly sprayed finish. Therefore, the tailgate and manufacturers drain holes still operate properly.

We continually research our own material, guaranteeing consistent, reliable and up-to-date products, with the highest quality. Providing solutions in various high traffic/impact areas, including corrosion and abrasion problems found in numerous commercial and industrial situations.

Xtreme head office is constantly testing our product against our competitors to make sure you get THE BEST product on the market.

We tested our slip resistance on 3 different utes. The first was a factory painted untouched finish, the second with a drop-in liner and the third with our Xtreme Spray on Liner.

The difference in pressure needed in order to make a full drum slide was amazing. The results below show the amount of pressure required before the drum started to slip.

UTE 1 (Untouched Factory Painted) = 2.00Kg pressure

UTE 2 (Drop-In Liner) = 5.00Kg pressure

UTE 3 (Xtreme Liner) = 16.12Kg pressure

  • Tensile Strength: The amount of force required before the product starts to stretch.

  • Elongation: The amount of stretch a product has from its original form.

  • Hardness: The hardness of the surface is measured with the term of Durometer (Shore D). The higher the Durometer Range the harder the surface.

  • UV Stability: How well the material reacts and absorbs Ultraviolet lights, such as the sun. A1 is one of the highest UV Stability ratings.

  • Abrasion Resistance: How well a material will resist surface wear caused by contact with another material.

  • Slip Resistance: The force required to drag a 20L drum of water across the textured finish. For example, a basic painted surface needs only 2.00 Kg and a drop in liner requires only 5.00 Kg.

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